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IGCSE Spanish

This is a UK based exam usually taken by students at the age 15 or 16.

Students can take the Spanish IGCSE exam every year in May-June and there is no age limit to take this exam as a private candidate. Registration for any May date is usually in November or early December of the previous year. Please be alert!


Private tuition (1-4 people) is the most effective way for Spanish exam preparation, fee starting from SG$22 per hour. Please click here for more details.

We also host workshops and intense exam courses before exam period. Please contact us for timetable and course fee.


The IGCSE Spanish exam is roughly equivalent to DELE A2 level. It usually takes around 230 hours of study to be ready for a Spanish IGCSE exam. We usually recommend students aged 10 to 12 to first study IGCSE and then once finished IGCSE (at the age of 15-16) study for DELE A2 and later DELE B1 Level. For those students aged 13 or 14 who are total beginners or almost total beginners, if they want to take the IGCSE exam they will need to study more intensively as it usually takes 3.5 to 4 years of study. In this case it can be cut to two years meaning more hours of class per week.

For any student who has studied some Spanish before but doesn’t know his or her real level at present we can conduct a free placement test in order to give the student a plan of what would be necessary for him or her to achieve a satisfactory result in IGCSE.

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