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Spanish for Adult Beginners A1 (INTENSIVE)


A1 LEVEL is divided into 4 modules: each module comprises 10 lessons (20 hours);80 hours in total.

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    About this program

    In order to reach the next level, students will need to complete at 80% of the attendance

    Required Materials

    Aula Internacional 1 Text Book

    Below is a taster of the content of the first two modules of this course…

    Module A1.1

    Session 1

    Topic: In the classroom

    General Objective: Learn how to introduce oneself, ask things in class and greet someone

    Communicative Objectives: Introduce oneself, ask things in class and greetings

    Vocabulary Contents: Greetings and numbers 0-10

    Grammar Contents: Verb llamarse

    Session 2-4

    Topic: We

    General Objective: Getting to know the classmated

    Communicative Objectives: Give and ask for the personal information | Greet someone and say goodbye | ways to ask for the meaning of new words

    Vocabulary Contents: Numbers 0-100, nationalities, professions, the alphabet

    Grammar Contents: The gender of words, the three conjugations: -ar, -er, -ir , verbs: ser, llamarse and tener

    Session 5-8

    Topic: I want to learn Spanish

    General Objective: Decide what do we want to do in this Spanish course

    Communicative Objectives: Express intentions, explain the reasons of what we do, talk about the different languages we know.

    Vocabulary Contents: Languages, activities of the language class, hobbies

    Grammar Contents: The present tense | some uses of a, con, de, por, para and porque | the definite article: el, la, los, las | The subject personal pronouns | Graduation: bien, bastante bien, regular, mal

    Session 9

    Topic: Let's eat (Part 1)

    General Objective: Create day meal and describe a sandwich

    Communicative Objectives: Create a day meal and describe a sandwich

    Vocabulary Contents: The food of the day and Food

    Grammar Contents: Cerb lleva

    Session 10

    Topic: Review

    General Objective: Review units 0 to 2 of the book

    Communicative Objectives: Review units 0 to 2 of the book

    Vocabulary Contents: Review units 0 to 2 of the book

    Grammar Contents: Review units 0 to 2 of the book

    Module A1.2

    Session 1 - 5

    Topic: Your friends are my friends

    General Objective: Introduce and describe a person

    Communicative Objectives: talk about the physical aspect of a person and his/her character | Express tastes and interests | Ask about tastes | Talk about personal relations

    Vocabulary Contents: The family | adjectives of character | Music

    Grammar Contents: The verb gustar | quantifiers (muy, bastante, un poco) | possesives | también / tampoco

    Session 6-9

    Topic: Where is Santiago

    General Objective: Make a contest of knowledge of Hispanic World

    Communicative Objectives: Describe places, Express existence and location, talk about the climate

    Vocabulary Contents: The weather, Geography and Tourist attractions

    Grammar Contents: Some uses of the verb hay | the verb estar | the superlative | the indefinite article: un/una/unos/unas | quantifiers: muy, mucho/mucha/muchos/muchas | qué, cuál/cuales, cuántos/cuántas, dónde, cómo

    Session 10

    Topic: Evaluation

    General Objective: Evaluate units 1 to 3 of the book

    Communicative Objectives: Evaluate units 1 to 3

    Vocabulary Contents: Evaluate units 1 to 3

    Grammar Contents: Evaluate units 1 to 3

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