Playgroup (age 3-5)

Playgroup (age 3-5)


Children aged 3 to 5 years old are in for a treat when they join our Playgroup.

We have designed an educational yet fun curriculum that will serve as a perfect introduction to Spanish, laying the foundation to progress to our Spanish For Kids program at age 6. Spanish Playgroup introduces the language for the kids in waves, adding new content and underpinning previous content slowly but constantly.

Tuition fee:

Group Class (>3 Students) = RM 60/hr/student
Semi-Private (2 Students) = RM 70/hr/student
Private Classes = RM 80/hr

Class size:

Maximum 6 Students

About this program

Our Spanish Playgroup program is made of 9 units with 12 sessions/classes per unit. There is no need to complete the whole program to advance to Spanish for Kids. Once age allows, children move on to our Kids program. Their fun experience on the Playgroup has mainly been a springboard for future learning.

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