Spanish for Kids (age 10-12)

Spanish for Kids (age 10-12)


Our 10–13 years old Spanish for Teens courses are based on IGCSE & GCSE Spanish examination Program.

This program prepares you for the following exam/s:

Tuition fee:

Group Class (>3 Students) = RM 60/hr/student
Semi-Private (2 Students) = RM 70/hr/student
Private Classes = RM 80/hr

Materials Fee:

Dependent on level

Class size:

Max 12 students

Private lessons are available for this program
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About this program

10–13 year old students: Following our IGCSE Teen program (L program), students advance in Spanish from a younger age and can if desired, prepare for IGCSE examinations upon course completion. It is not compulsory but advisable. We use a teaching methodology adapted for younger adolescents. This course is also suitable for students who are preparing to study abroad.

*Upon completing L1 to L3 courses, those students preparing for exam need to take an IGCSE Preparation Course covering key examinations skills and past exam papers to ensure optimal performance.

Students that decide to skip IGCSE examination would take a bridge course to continue with a more advanced level Spanish learning from 14 years old onwards.

Why Secondary Students are learning Spanish now

Many students are taking Spanish now as it has become very popular and useful both to study in Malaysia or abroad. Entry to both UK and USA universities requires knowledge of a third language and Spanish is usually the number one choice. Our curriculum for secondary students is designed to reach the objective of preparing for SIELE, IGCSE, A-level, IB and DELE exams. Our objective is to help our students to achieve good results and to strengthen their competitiveness when applying for local or overseas universities.

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