Spanish for Adults Intermediate B2

Spanish for Adults Intermediate B2


B2 LEVEL is divided into 7 modules: each module comprises 10 lessons (20 hours); 140 hours in total

This program prepares you for the following exam/s:

Tuition fee:

Group Class (>5 Students) = RM 44/hr/student
Semi-Private (4 Students) = RM 48/hr/student
Semi-Private (3 Students) = RM 60/hr/student
Semi-Private (2 Students) = RM 85/hr/student
Private Classes = RM 138/hr

Materials Fee:


Class size:


Number of lessons:

10 per module

Total hours of tuition:

20 per module

Private lessons are available for this program
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About this program

In order to reach the next level the following items will be considered at the end of each module:

  • Progress and participation: work at home (5%) + participation in class (5%)
  • Final exam (90%)

To pass each module, you will need to carry out successfully 50% of the exam and 50% of “progress and participation”.

Required Materials
  • Aula internacional 4 Nueva edición B2.1 (Module 1 – 3);
  • Aula internacional 5 Nueva edición B2.2 (Module 4 – 6).

Below is a taster of the content of the first two modules of this course…

Module B2.1

  • Expressing desires
  • Expressing agreement or disagreement
  • Expressing likes, feelings, dislikes and emotions
  • Giving opinions and making points of views
  • Talking about hypothesis and probability
  • Talking about people’s life (projects, feelings…)
  • Talking about social networks and the use of internet
  • Talking about news
  • Making reference to a known topic
  • Defending a thesis
  • Suggesting alternatives
  • Understanding texts (descriptive, narrative, interviews, documentaries, scripts, short stories, news, radio programmes, questionnaires, opinion articles, etc.)
  • Writing texts (descriptive, narrative, interviews, news, opinion articles, etc.)
  • Getting to know Hispanic culture (NGOs, film director, short story writers, online newspapers, Latin America questionnaire, Hispanic newspapers, Tourism in Spain, Spanish cinema, assembly, etc.)

Module B2.2

  • Assessing behaviour and giving advice
  • Expressing opinion regarding actions or behaviour
  • Expressing ignorance
  • Expressing feelings and moods
  • Expressing conditions and hypothetical consequences
  • Expressing causality and finality
  • Expressing agreement or disagreement
  • Making recommendations
  • Giving advice
  • Talking about sports and traditions
  • Talking about phobias
  • Talking about feelings, character and personality
  • Talking about a person’s qualities or an object’s qualities
  • Talking about changes in life or in a person
  • Talking about couples’ relationships
  • Describing a particular group of people
  • Evoking imaginary situations
  • Understanding texts (journal articles, descriptive, testimonies, decalogues, personality tests, internet forums, interviews, write-ups, questionnaires, TV programmes, radio questionnaires…etc.)
  • Writing texts (articles, decalogues, descriptive, personality tests, internet forums, profiles…etc.)
  • Getting to know Hispanic culture (Hispanic traditions, Hispanic places, writers, reality shows, urban tribes…etc.)
  • Suggested Reading: Relatos de un Náufrago by Gabriel García Márquez
  • Suggested Film: Nosotros los Nobles

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