Spanish for Adults Advanced C1

Spanish for Adults Advanced C1


C1 LEVEL is divided into 8 modules: each module with 10 lessons (20 hours); 160 hours in total.

This program prepares you for the following exam/s:

Tuition fee:

Group Class (>5 Students) = RM 44/hr/student
Semi-Private (4 Students) = RM 48/hr/student
Semi-Private (3 Students) = RM 60/hr/student
Semi-Private (2 Students) = RM 85/hr/student
Private Classes = RM 138/hr

Materials Fee:


Class size:


Number of lessons:

10 per module

Total hours of tuition:

20 per module

Private lessons are available for this program
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About this program


Nueva Prisma C1.

Exam and Student Attendance Please refer to our Student Support page for more details.

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