Private Spanish Class & Tuition

Private Spanish Class

Choose a private class for more flexibility and faster progress with individualised class content and programming.

Who need this private class? - For Adults

For some students is quite challenging to join a group due to limited time schedules. On the other hand some students prefer to have a more individual learning, which can clearly provide them with more focus. People who travel often will also want to have a more flexible approach.

How it works?

We are currently teaching a host of students one to 1, one to 2, or one to 3, meaning one teacher and only one student, or two/three students. This might be the right type of learning for you and your friends. We would follow the curriculum explained in our group courses but concentrating on your needs and this in turn usually means faster learning given the individualized structure.

Who need this private class? - For IGCSE/ GCSE/ A Levels/ Other exams

Are you or your son/daughter planning to study or already studying for IGCSE/GCSE/A Levels/ IB/ SAT Spanish exams? If this is the case we can prepare you in a perfectly structured manner to have the best result in your exam through our Spanish private lessons.

How it works?

We have many students preparing towards these exams in private classes. Once we know the current level of the new students, we create a study plan to see what they need to cover, how many hours and what areas the student needs to improve most. This gives the best chances to succeed in the exam.

Private Spanish Lesson

Why Choose a private class?

  • More flexibility on schedule
  • Class content and program can be adjusted to accommodate specific needs
  • Faster progress within a smaller size group
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