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Denilson Jong

"From the first day joining Spanish world until this one, it has been an exciting roller-coaster of events that has been an exotic ride. Ironic, how I don't really like roller-coasters literally. Anyhow, this whole entire process has been a major learning experience. It is only thanks to all of the marvelous teachers I have had educate me throughout the journey. The language can be fairly hard at times, but with enough devotion of time, brainpower and with some learning support from teachers I would be able to learn it and apply the certain aspect in my Spanish usage in the future. As of now, the language content and the things I learn have spiked incredibly in difficulty, however I believe that I can surpass these and be able to learn the Spanish accordingly and to further advance in my Spanish learning, and the experience of it."


Michael Wong

"The course was very good, the teacher explained everything clearly and it was out of my expectation. I would definitely come back for next time holiday to focus on IGCSE syllabus."


Polly Choi

"Wow I've been studying here for 5 years already! Nice and energetic teachers, professional teaching, interactive classes... All motivating my learning of Spanish. I started with the travellers course before I took the regular courses. That's really fun to catch the phrases and have a taste of Spanish food while learning about the culture. I also took the private exam preparation classes for my DELE A2. It's a great help and I got more than a pass in all components, plus full marks in the speaking part. Now they have much more activities on Spanish learning and Spanish culture and I'm still learning there. That's really fantastic."


Wini Leung

"Before 2016, I was a blank sheet knowing nothing about Spain and its culture. Thanks for the Spanish World, their passions are shown not only from their professionals but also their inner parts. They influence me a lot and they broaden my horizons! Learning is never on books only!"

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