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7條有關Cervantes Quality Seal的常問問題

Q# CERVANTES QUALITY SEAL有咩咁巴閉? 全港得一間西班牙文學校獲認證又點呢? A# 塞萬提斯學院係一間公營國際非牟利機構,代表了所有涉及西班牙語範籌的最重要官方權威,就如英國文化協會在英語範疇的地位。成為香港唯一一間獲Cervantes Institute認證嘅西班牙文學校...

Blog Teasers1

10 Most Common Mistakes in Spanish Writing

Those of us who share a love for languages, either Spanish or any other, we know that there are always difficulties when we are learning a new one. On...

El Camino De Santiago

Santiago: a name full of history

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