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HK's first and largest Spanish School now at the Wave. Please enjoy 15% off:

  • Are you curious about other cultures?
  • Do you want to see Spain and Latin America?
  • Would you like to grasp the basics of Spanish language, and Hispanic culture?

Spanish for Travellers is the workshop for you!

  • Native speaking teacher leading a small group (3-7 students)
  • Beginning Wednesday May 29, 7-9 PM
  • Weekly for six weeks (total 12 hours)
  • $2,136 (original price $2500)

*Second session begins July 10

In this "crash course" in Spanish language, students learn the basics of grammar and pronunciation in a highly interactive manner, instructed by one of our full-time professional teachers.

Achieve your language goals more quickly with the twice-a-week format.

  • Prepare yourself for the DELE exam
  • Gain confidence in your speech and comprehension
  • Learn more about the curriculum for Adults, and about the DELE diplomas issued by the Cervantes Institute

7:30-9:30 PM, Tuesdays and Thursdays from June 4

$3,480 (original price $4,100)

Contact us with any enquiries.

About this program

  • Identifying Spanish language sounds and be able to pronounce and be understood
  • Recognizing the sounds corresponding to each letter of the Spanish alphabet to improve pronunciation skills
  • Greetings and farewells
  • Introducing oneself and other people in formal and informal context
  • Obtaining and facilitate basic personal information (name, nationality, career, age, address, phone, email, civil status and family)
  • Asking and replying regarding the languages you speak
  • Describing somebody using information about his or her physical traits, personality and character
  • Talking about basic activities that you do in your place of work or your place of study
  • Understanding basic texts (emails, tickets, internet language exchange forums, name cards and data forms)
  • Writing basic texts (an email, personal data form, name card or language forum entry)
  • Getting to know Spanish culture: the two last/family names, relevant people, Spanish language in the World, the Family in the Spanish culture, Spanish products…

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