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Spanish for Kids (age 6-9)


Our Spanish for Kids curriculum (SFK) has been designed for primary students: children aged 6 to 9. It is a perfect continuation of our Playgroup curriculum and a perfect base for later secondary school Spanish learning.

We have designed this Spanish for children program as a bridge towards studying secondary school Spanish, and our objective is that children that have completed SFK are in a vantage position to start Spanish language at secondary level.

All of our Spanish classes for children are in small class size.

*Summer Spanish course for Kids is available from July to August every year. For more details, please visit our Summer Spanish Programs for Kids.

This program prepares you for the following exam/s:

Tuition fee:

HK$290/hour (collected monthly)

Materials Fee:

HK$225 - 280

Class size:

4-10: the exact class size also varies with the classroom

Number of lessons:

Once a week (regular throughout the year) of 90 minutes each

Total hours of tuition:



Survey Completion HK$100 discount


Bring a Friend Offer HK$200 discount


About this program

We have designed two separate Kids' Programs based on the age of the students. For us, it does not make any sense to merge children age 6 with 9 year olds and this is the reason why there are two tiers to this stage:

Age 6-7: Would follow our K1 to K4 program. These students would receive the most complete foundation towards their future Spanish for Teens, and in fact they would have already covered an significant part of the Spanish for Teens curriculum by the end of their journey, which will give them a clear advantage.

Age 8-9: Would follow our KP1 and KP2 Curriculum. These students would have a less comprehensive foundation than 6-7 years old but still be able to cover some part of the Spanish for Teens curriculum in advance.

Colega 1 - HK$260
Colega 2 - HK$260
Colega 3 - HK$275
Colega 4 – HK$280
La Pandilla 1 - HK$225
La Pandilla 2 - HK$225
NB: These prices only apply to Spanish World Hong Kong students

It is not necessary to have covered the Spanish Playgroup curriculum in order to enter the SFK program. Nevertheless, those kids who started at playgroup level will enjoy an easier and more progressive learning.


  • For those children who have studied some Spanish before, they would not have to join a total beginner course, they can come for free placement test, so our Kids Co-ordinator can assess their level and find a suitable class for them
  • In order to join our beginner Spanish course for Kids age 6-7, the student must be 6 years old already and be enrolled in an official primary school
  • In order to join our beginner Spanish course for Kids 8-9, the student can be 7 years at the time of enrolment provided that he or she will turn 8 during this school year
  • 10-year-old students who are total beginners will start at our Spanish for Teens L1 program
  • If your son or daughter is any other case, please contact us and we will guide you towards the appropriate course for your child.
For us it is a joy to see kids who started their Spanish language experience at age, 6, 7 or 8 going on to Spanish for Teens, and onwards.

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Spanish for Kids (age 6-9) class calendar

Weekly, starting 2019, Oct 29
Tuesday, 4:30pm – 6:00pm
Age: Kids II Age 8-9 Location: Central
6 seat/s available Enrol ▶
Weekly, starting 2019, Oct 29
Tuesday, 4:30pm – 6:00pm
Age: KIds I Age 6-7 Location: Central
6 seat/s available Enrol ▶

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