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Spanish for Adult Beginners A2


A2 LEVEL is divided into 5 modules: each module comprises 12 lessons (24 hours); 120 hours in total.

This program prepares you for the following exam/s:

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Tuition Fee:

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Total hours of tuition:

24 per module

Private lessons are available for this program
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Placement Test HK$100 Discount


Survey Completion HK$100 discount


Bring a Friend Offer HK$200 discount


About this program

In order to reach the next level the following items will be considered at the end of each module:

  • Progress and participation: work at home (5%) + participation in class (5%)
  • Final exam (90%)

To pass each module, you will need to carry out successfully 50% of the exam and 50% of “progress and participation”.

Required Materials

Método de español para extranjeros continúa Prisma Nivel A2 Libro & Ejercicios.

Below is a taster of the content of the first two modules of this course…

Module A2.1

  • Contrasting and comparing information
  • Writing, organizing and extending a short text in Spanish
  • Writing an email or an informal letter in Spanish
  • Expressing opinion, agreement and disagreement
  • Identifying , defining, describing and locating people, objects and places
  • Talking by phone and having a phone conversation in Spanish
  • Greetings, farewells and introducing someone else
  • Saying how you feel, making excuses and giving explanations
  • Expressing yourself with body language in Spanish
  • Describing or narrating actions, experiences or personal situations in past tense
  • Giving your opinion in the past tense
  • Getting to know Spanish culture: leisure activities, TV shows and channels and some habits for greetings

Module A2.2

  • Narrating in the past tense
  • Talking about historical events
  • Saying dates
  • Talking about someone's life
  • Talking about your own biography
  • Asking information and giving information about your CV
  • Talking about unusual experiences
  • Read basic texts (informal letters, biographies, short text about history)
  • Write simple texts (an informal letter and a biography)
  • Get to know Spanish culture: history, politics, some Hispanic characters from the past and the present

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