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School Break Spanish


If you study abroad but come back to Hong Kong during Summer holidays, Christmas holidays, Easter holidays and others holidays/vacation periods, we can help you to improve your Spanish before you go back to school.

We have been helping hundreds of students that either live abroad (UK, US, Canada, Australia, etc) or live in Hong Kong but find these off periods of the year as the best to improve their Spanish.

Many of them are preparing for IGCSE/A level/IB/DELE/HKDSE exams. Our value-added job is to give students extra preparation and focus, helping them on their weaker areas and providing structure.

This program prepares you for the following exam/s:

Tuition fee:

HK$290-600 (see below)

Class size:



Survey Completion HK$100 discount


Bring a Friend Offer HK$200 discount


About this program

*Due to the popular demand and time constraint in each School Break, please contact our admin staff to arrange suitable time schedules as early in advance as possible.

Tuition Fees

Our private class fees are:

  • 1 student class: HK$520-600 per hour
  • 2 students class: HK$410 per hour/per person
  • 3 students class: HK$340 per hour/per person
  • 4 students class: HK$290 per hour/per person

In private classes, there are no missed classes provided the student gives us 24 hours’ notice. For class cancellation the student must inform the school administration, not the teacher. If notice is less than 24 hours the class will be charged.

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