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Private Spanish Class


Why Choose a private Spanish lesson?

  • More flexibility on schedule
  • Class content and program can be adjusted to accommodate specific needs
  • Faster progress within a smaller size group

Our Spanish tutors have assisted numerous students to get A grade in their Spanish public exams namely DELE, IGCSE, GCSE, ALEVEL and IB. Click here to learn about the exams.

Our academic team consists of 14 full-time teachers from Spain and Latin America. All our Spanish tutors are native speakers and fully qualified, with higher education degree, PG certificate or master degree in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Most of our teachers are examiners of the Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera (DELE) certification.

Click here to learn about our Spanish tutors.

Tuition fee:

HK$290-520/hour (see below)

Class size:


Private lessons are available for this program
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Survey Completion HK$100 discount


About this program

Tuition fees for our private lessons vary in relation to the teacher-student ratio.

1:1 HK$520 per hour for classes that end before 4pm Monday - Friday
1:1 HK$600 per hour for classes that end after 4pm Monday - Friday or take place on a Saturday or Sunday
1:2 HK$410 per hour/per student
1:3 HK$340 per hour/per student
1:4 or more - HK$290 per hour/per student

If I would like to spend my holiday/school break learning Spanish, what should I do?

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